@Light Up Poole 2020

THU 20 - SAT 22 FEB, 6 -10PM FREE

Location: In front of the Thistle Hotel!

About People Florist.

Like an outdoor museum! People Florist is an exhibition concept created for locals, that can be installed everywhere in the world.

The idea is to find intriguing people from the local community, and give them a sponsored canvas to show their creations! Finally some action! On the People Florist website, tips and tricks to set up an outdoor exhibition will be shared, based on this years first edition at Light Up Poole.

The goal is to educate and activate enthusiasts all over the world, to honor their local talents.



We are still searching for local people, based in the Poole area, falsely or sincerely unaware of their own talent! :-)

We are creating a big light box where locals can place an artwork on display in public space.

A big wooden box it will be, with canvases cut out where the creators exhibit their artwork, made on a transparent material, or a sculptural structure where light can shine through. The inside of the box is filled with LED lights, which makes the whole thing a giant Light Art installation!

We are now looking for people that want to make a small work to be showcased during Light Up Poole 2020.

The artworks can be made in advance, and we'll help installing them in the box during the event. The installation will be placed in front of the Thistle Hotel Poole, where hot soup will be served and lights will shine!

Off course a name tag including website or any contact information will be shared next to the artwork to the more than 40000 visitors.

This project is a charity, and would like to create an example for people all over the world to showcase work in public space.


At the Light Up Poole edition!


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